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Verbania - December 2012

Maestrini from Ossola at the Vico Gallery.

A journey to discover color in "Chromosophy".
The main faces.

For the month of December, the Vico Gallery is proposing a beautiful one-man show by the Ossola artist Stefano Maestrini, entitled "Chromosophy" which we could describe as knowledge of colour. The exhibition features oil paintings and a series of unpublished works on paper. The common denominator of this exhibition are the faces; as Maestrini explains: «The face is a pretext for investigating the human and its spirituality».
In these works, which express great emotional intensity, the artist goes so far as to fragment the forms, making them difficult to read in their original figuration, but highly communicative in their expression.
It is the decomposed and fragmented expression that visually defines and describes human nature, as the face is assimilated, investigated and finally overcome to express something else. In this expressive condition color emerges, with its lyrical and ideal connotations which naturally lead the artist to evolve his research on a structurally informal level.
These latest researches live on an immediacy.
It is therefore an emotional painting that becomes a visual feeling in the pictorial process.

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